I have a background in IT, law, and politics with a Bachelors degree in Forensic Investigation and a Masters in International Politics. The synergy of these skills means that I am able to do full-stack development across multiple regions within the boundaries of local laws.

I have worked in London for a global technology firm as a project manager and worked closely with Indian, American, and Polish teams.

I work remotely or on-site for consultations and fitments or as part of your in-house team when required.

Remote working is one of the cheapest ways to work and with the technology industry as it is I have found that there are very few elements that cannot be done this way.

I offer a vast range of services which are increasing all the time. The range of services offered is due to a mix of my own skills and collaboration with other firms and freelancers. This mixture works great as it reduces the amount of work on your part as you have one point of contact rather than 5 or 6.

Current services offered:

Website development
Hardware consulting
User guide construction
Social media development and integration
Employee training seminars
Panoramic Imaging
Events Consulting
Merchandise creation
3D Printing

Coming Soon:

Aerial drone imaging (Please register your interest in this service)